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Excursions from Montalto

 Apart from the beauty of its landscape, its gentle climate and fascinating archaeological sites, Montalto di Castro is close to localities and villages that are also rich in cultural attractions, archaeological and oenogastronomic landscapes. To the north, just 20 km away, is Capalbio, a virtually intact mediaeval village, which offers a magnificent panorama over the surrounding Maremma. Nearby is the WWF oasis of Burano lake and, a short distance away, the promontory of Ansedonia, where you can visit the ruins of the Etruscan city of Cosa. Again to the north, easily accessible in less than thirty minutes by car, is the stunning promontory of Argentario, with the villages of Orbetello, Santo Stefano, Porto Ercole, destination of a constant stream of tourists. From here, a short crossing takes you to the islands of Giglio and Giannutri, genuine pearls of the Tuscan Archipelago. Just beyond Argentario, continuing along the Aurelia main road towards Grosseto, you come to the Uccellina nature reserve. The hinterland, both Tuscan and Latium, also offers particularly attractive destinations, which are accessible from Montalto within 15-40 minutes. These are places where the course of history and the evolution of civilisation have left profound and significant traces. The Etruscans to the Romans, gradually followed by mediaeval and renaissance civilisation, and, in some cases, the baroque and neo-classical period, have enriched these localities and villages with outstanding monuments. Manciano, Pitigliano, Sovana, Saturnia are well-known names of Tuscan villages close to ours, potential destinations for pleasant and interesting excursions. In the Latium region: Canino (18 Km.), with which Montalto shares Vulci Archaeological Park, offers rich artistic testimonies, as well as the opportunity to purchase its famous olive oil; Tuscania (26 Km.) and Tarquinia (19 Km.) offer the harmony and enchantment of their historic centres, and the mysterious fascination of their Etruscan necropolises. And then, 45 km away, is Viterbo, the capital of ancient Tuscia, rich with splendid fountains, with the magnificent Palazzo dei Papi tucked away in the mediaeval heart of the city (San Pellegrino quarter); nearby is the Roman theatre of Ferento.
 To the south, taking the Aurelia main road, you come to the beautiful coastal towns of Civitavecchia and its port, Santa Marinella, Cerveteri and its splendid Etruscan necropolis. Finally, Roma is just one hour away by car. Also not to be missed in this rich and variegated panorama, is the opportunity to visit a superb lake, just 35 Km. away: the lake of Bolsena, with the two islands Martana and Bisentina and the beautiful villages along its banks.
 As you can see, it is difficult to imagine a more favourable geographical position and a socio-cultural-archaeological habitat than those enjoyed by Montalto di Castro, for tourists who wish to use their leisure time to enrich themselves culturally, as well as relaxing and enjoying the sea, unique landscapes, a rich gastronomy, customs and hospitality with millennial roots.

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