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Pescia Romana


 In the region of the Commune of Montalto di Castro, twelve km. from the capital city, is the town of Pescia Romana, the territory of which borders that of the Commune of Capalbio and that of Tuscany. The built-up area is constituted by two main centres: “The New Village” and “The Old Village”, as well as a myriad of farmhouses scattered over the beautiful surrounding countryside. Of the two villages, the old one developed, presumably after the year 1700, around a small church built by the Jesuits and dedicated to their founder, Saint Ignazio. The new centre, near the Aurelia main road, was built in 1961 and constitutes one of the most beautiful and harmonious examples of rural community, originating after the land reform implemented from the early 50s, by the Ente Maremma. Central nucleus of the New Village is the church of Saint Joseph the Workman, with a hexagonal layout and a dome that scarce population also had to suffer the consequences of “malaria”. Today, after the restoration implemented with the land reform, the same territory is characterised by an extremely healthy climate and by immense fertility, enabling advanced, high quality agriculture. The tourism sector has developed more recently, at an ever increasing rate. Thousands of tourists now visit Pescia Romana, attracted not only by the beauty of the countryside and the wide variety of excursions available - both naturalistic and artistic/cultural - all within a few kilometres, but also by the eight km. of beaches - all in their natural state and with an absolutely intact “tombolo” or sand bar, such as can now be found only in this area - and by the clarity and cleanliness of the sea water. The beaches: “di Marina di Pescia”; “del Casalaccio”; “di Costa Selvaggia” are now well-known everywhere.

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